A live horse sales show will be hosted at Alendis TV on Thursday nights, from 9th of September - 2nd of December!

Twenty well-trained horses will participate and be shown by professional riders. If you haven’t found your horse yet, we highly recommend you follow the show.  It will take part in the riding hall in Víðidalur in Iceland. The name of the show is Alendis Exclusive #1 and it starts at 19:00 local.

Last year's sales show had a great number of audience and most of the horses were sold quite soon afterward. If you have any interest in a horse you see, you can directly contact us or the trainer of the horse for further information and hopefully find your dream horse. 

These shows will be held at least once a month until Christmas - so you don’t have to worry if your horse isn’t there at the first show. Alendis Exclusive will be available to our subscribers and on our VOD afterward. We will have good horses for leisure, competition and breeding for example. 

Also on the 20th of September, we will launch the first episode of our series called “Stables in Iceland”. There we visit farms and stables around Iceland and get to know some of the bigger training stations in Iceland. 

There will be a lot going on at Alendis TV this fall - stay tuned with us.