The Sweden International Horse Show took place November 25-29 2021. The show is a very importan presentation window for the Icelandic horse abroad. This show has all the best the horse world has to offer, variety of breeds, products, education, and competition. Horses of Iceland took part in the show, presented our horse in the great show hall Friends Arena in Stockholm.

The Icelandic Horse had a big role to play in this year‘s show and on Thursday the 25th there was a family day and on Friday evening they stole the show as the World Cup Icelandic Horses in tölt took place. Additionally, master trainer Eyjólfur Ísólfsson gave educational presentations on tölt training and related matters.

The riders had collected points in competition all year and the top eight riders were invited to compete in tölt in the full Friends Arena in Stockholm.  Two semi-finals were held and four riders made it to the big finals, Sys Pilegaard from Denmark, Jamila Berg Dibi, Kristján Magnússon and Vignir Jonasson represented Sweden.

The Swedish riders tried hard to grab the victory, but no one could beat Sys Pilegaard on Abel frá Tyrevoldsdal who took the grand World Cup trophy home.

The World Cup was broadcasted in the Swedish state television and the Icelandic embassador in Sweden, Heimir Hannesson represented the Icelandic government with Horses of Iceland and took part in the prize ceremony.

Results World Cup Icelandic Horses 2021

  1. Sys Pilegaard Denmark / Abel frá Tyrevoldsdal  8,90

  2. Kristján Magnússon Sweden / Óskar från Lindeberg  8,37

  3. Vignir Jónasson Sweden / Viking från Österåker  8,00

  4. Jamila Berg Dibi Sweden / Toppur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu  7,60

  5. Erlingur Erlingsson Sweden / Álfur från Granmyra  7,50

  6. Julie Christiansen Denmark / Sölvi frá Barkarstöðum  7,07

  7. Elsa Mandal Hreggviðsdóttir Sweden / Leistur från Toftinge   6,90

  8. Bernt Severinsen Denmark / Draumur fra Birkeskogen  6,50


Text: Hilda Karen Garðarsdóttir  Photo: Sweden International Horse Show


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