Harpa Dögg Bergmann Heiðarsdóttir on Þytur frá Stykkishólmi won the A-final in F1 fourgait with 6.73 points in Lífland’s Youth Champions League’s first tournament on Sunday after an even and exciting competition. Team Hrímnir proved the highest-scoring team.

Excitement was rife at the first tournament in Lífland’s Youth Champions League on Sunday when 11 teams and 44 riders competed in V1 fourgait. After the preliminaries, Sara Dís Snorradóttir on Gustur frá Stykkishólmi earned the highest score with 6.57.

However, Harpa Dögg Bergmann Heiðarsdóttir on Þytur frá Stykkishólmi, who was fifth after the preliminaries, won the highest score in the A-final, 6.73, and stood up as the tournament’s winner. Benedikt Ólafsson on Biskup frá Ólafshaga won the B-final.

Not only individual riders but also teams compete for the highest scores and on Sunday, Hrímnir proved the highest-scoring team. Overall, the tournament was a great success, organisers say, adding that all of the young riders had performed well. They had obviously trained hard, focusing on the wellbeing of their horses.

The next tournament, in F1 fivegait, will be held 21 February.

Text: Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir. Photos: Ólafur Ingi Ólafsson.


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