Yesterday, 17th June, Icelanders celebrated their National Day. In the centre of Reykjavík, the Icelandic horse was the centre of attention.
Icelanders celebrated the 75th anniversary of Icelandic independence yesterday, on 17th June, with varied events in wonderful weather all around the country. The programme included the Icelandic horse, for example in Kópavogur, where children could ride hand-led horses. 
However, the biggest horse-related events took place in the centre of Reykjavík. Inside the City Hall, visitors could watch short videos of the Icelandic horse with a 3D headset, such as of the country’s largest horse roundup, Laufskálaréttir. People could also pick up brochures and postcards to learn more about the qualities of the Icelandic horse.
By Tjörnin, the Reykjavík pond, there was a demonstration of liberty training, horses playing with balls and a long jump rope. A commentator explained what was happening.
Riders from the Icelandic Horse Association demonstrated the gaits of the Icelandic horse while a commentator discussed the horse’s special traits. Excited spectators watched in awe as horses and riders showed off their skills. Kids were also thrilled at the opportunity to pet the beautiful horses.
Horses of Iceland organised the programme in Reykjavík in cooperation with the Icelandic Horse Association.
Text: Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir. Photos: Louisa Hackl.


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