This year’s World Championships for Icelandic Horses was held in Karlshorst, Berlin, 4–11 August. The Icelandic national team won 11 gold medals, which is its best achievement since the championships were first held in 1970!

Horses of Iceland had a large tent on the premises where the Icelandic horse was promoted with various events. For example, Þórdís Anna Gylfadóttir introduced Knapamerki – the Icelandic Riding Levels, Herdís Reynisdóttir talked about the history of horsemanship in Iceland and Þórarinn Eymundsson showed a video presenting a new curb bit from Hrímnir. Additionally, Iceland was promoted as a tourist destination and Louisa Hackl gave courses on photography and social media, which proved very popular.

Icelandic music was performed live and visitors could experience the world of the Icelandic horse with a virtual reality headset. Representatives of Landsmót 2020, FEIF and WorldFengur shared the tent with Horses of Iceland. New partners were recruited, and many future projects discussed.

Special guests were invited to a VIP reception held to commemorate FEIF’s 50th anniversary on 9 August. Elín Rósa from the German delegation gave the opening address along with FEIF chairman Gunnar Sturluson. Founding president of FEIF Ewald Isenbügel also spoke at the occasion. Vikingyr served Icelandic lamb and the guests toasted in a wine called “Five Gait!” Happy birthday FEIF!



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