Horses of Iceland has released a new video, where we get to know Master Trainer Mette Moe Mannseth. She is a Norwegian who moved to Iceland 25 years ago and started working with horses. As a little girl in Norway, she always dreamt of having a horse. But who is Mette Moe Mannseth?

„Originally from Norway. I got to know the Icelandic horse there and was blown away by its charisma, personality, spirit, courage, sensitivity, adaptability, surefootedness in nature and of course the gaits. Along with school I worked with horses since 1993 and moved to Iceland 1996.”

Mette is one of five Master Trainers from the Trainer’s Association (FT) and the head riding teacher at Holar University. She has a big impact on her students and the Icelandic horse community in general, working at Holar for over 20 years. She owns the horse centre Þúfur in Skagafjörður with her partner Gísli Gíslason. They breed and train horses and have achieved excellent results and have received the titles ‘Breeder of the Year’ and ‘Competition Horse Breeder of the Year’.

Mette says she is an early bird that wakes up excited in the morning. In the video she goes over her visions when it comes to breeding and trainging the Icelandic horse, and where she expects to be in 10 years from now.

Follow this link to get to know one of the best riding instructors and Master Trainers in the Icelandic horse community and learn about her methods when training the horse.

Text: Hilda Karen Garðarsdóttir Photos: Skotta Film
Video: produced by Skotta Film and directed by Þórdís Anna Gylfadóttir