The Education Committee of the Equestrian Association in Iceland (LH) hosts a virtual seminar this autumn, starting first Tuesday in October, for 5 Tuesdays in a row. Among the themes covered will be the locomotion of horses and speciality of Icelandic horse gaits and perception thereof, the mental aspect of sport horses, and practical experiences.

The seminar is aimed towards the trainers within the FEIF Education Matrix, but also all professional judges within the Icelandic Horse world. If you want to participate but don´t fall into these groups, you can send a request for admittance.

Please check with your national association if  your participation can count as a part of CPD within the FEIF education Matrix."

The first speaker on October 5th, will be dr. Hilary Clayton, world known for her extensive contribution to equine locomotion studies as well as many others. After her, it will be Víkingur Gunnarsson, former head master of the equine department of Hólaskóli, very experienced breeding judge and a researcher studying biomechanics and new methods of evaluating gait qualities. Third speaker will be dr. Andrew McLean who is one of the world´s foremost equine behavioral practitioners, and finally, forth speaker is Anja Beran, well known instructor whose clear and practical teaching has roots in Portuguese riding style as well as classical dressage.

The dates are following:

5.10.2021 Hillary Clayton

12.10.2021 Víkingur Gunnarsson

19.10.2021 Andrew McLean

26.10.2021 Anja Beran

2.11.2021 Panel discussions 

This seminar is in cooperation with Horses of Iceland.

Further introductions of these speakers will follow shortly.

On the fifth Tuesday, November 9th, there will be panel discussions with few well known faces within the Icelandic horse world, followed by questions from the participants.

Participation price is €80 – and is to be payed at registration.

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