The start-up company HorseDay has developed an app of the same name, which is intended to be the centre of society for the Icelandic horse.

The app provides an overview of the horse's training and care from day to day. In addition, the program offers a direct connection to WorldFengur (The Studbook of Origin for the Icelandic Horse) and GPS registration for training sessions and riding tours, as many people know who use the app Strava to record their activities. HorseDay works in cooperation with WorldFengur and is directly linked to their database and when a profile is created for a horse, information about it is retrieved directly from WorldFengur.

The idea for HorseDay was born in a stable where trainers were used to recording daily supervision and training of horses on whiteboards. But when the boards were wiped clean, the information got lost. This information was e.g., type of training, feeding, shoeing, medication, and other daily care.

Among the founders of the app are father and son Ólafur H. Einarsson and Oddur Ólafsson. Oddur says that there are great opportunities in improving the functionality of the app and the user experience even further. He mentions gait analysis, but HorseDay will be the first app that can analyse all gaits of the Icelandic horse without any extra equipment.

Ólafur H. Einarsson, one of the founders of HorseDay, says that the team has succeeded in creating a revolutionary app that meets the needs of horse owners in a fun and practical way.

'The group responsible for the development of the software are horse people, riders, breeders, both amateurs and professionals from the industry, who saw that this solution was missing on the market,' says Ólafur.

Oddur Ólafsson, CEO of HorseDay, agrees and adds:

'We intend to become a leading app for Icelandic horses in Iceland but also globally. We have now reached a certain stage in the development and felt it was time to introduce the app to the market.'

The app has received grants from the Technology Development Fund, the Preservation Fund of the Icelandic Horse, and the South Iceland Development Fund.

HorseDay is available on the App Store and Google Play.


Text: Hilda Karen Garðarsdóttir


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