The contract between Horses of Iceland (HOI) and the Icelandic government has been extended by 18 months. A new long-term contract is being worked on.

In addition to Promote Iceland and the Icelandic government, the project is financed by the largest organisations and parties of interest in the Icelandic horse industry, in Iceland and internationally. The project’s goal is to build up a reputation for the Icelandic horse to help increase foreign exchange gains from the sale of horses, products and services.

The Icelandic state’s contract with HOI is based on an equal financial contribution from the state and the horse industry. Anyone who breeds Icelandic horses, makes or sells Icelandic horse-related products or services are invited to participate in the project, along with the organisations of these parties. The same goes for service providers, suppliers, institutions and unions. Participants are involved in shaping the project’s emphasis and marketing initiatives and are promoted on and HOI’s social media platforms.

If you’re interested in participating in the project, please contact Horses of Iceland Project Manager Jelena Ohm: or simply fill out this contract