The Icelandic Championships 2021 will be held 30 June to 4 July at Hólar í Hjaltadal, in the heart of Skagafjörður region in North Iceland. The country’s very best horses and riders will compete in all disciplines.
The Icelandic Equestrian Association recently made changes to the regulations surrounding the Icelandic Championships. Henceforth, the top horses and riders from the rankings in each discipline will be eligible to participate, which will raise the standard of quality and make the championships more exciting to watch. 
It is expected that 320 participants will enter the competition and that 800–1000 people will attend the Championships. Admission is free. There will be a campsite at the competition area with concerts and other events held in the evenings. Find information about other accommodation in the region at 
The Championships can also be watched in live streaming or at the viewer’s convenience on Visit the website for information about the streaming programme from events in Iceland in 2021 and to buy a day pass or subscription to the service.