A decision has been made to postpone Landsmót that was supposed to take place in Hella 6. – 11. July this summer.

A decision has been made by The Icelandic Equestrian Association, Horse Breeders Association and Rangárbakkar the management of Landsmót to postpone Landsmót that was supposed to take place in Hella 6. – 11. July this summer. Instead Landsmót will be held in Hella in the summer of 2022. This decision has been taken in consultation with Sprettur and Landsmót that should have taken place in Sprettur Kópavogur in the summer of 2022, will be held there instead in 2024. All those who applied to host the 2024 Landsmót, have been given the chance to let their application stay valid for the 2026 event instead.

The COVID-19 epidemic poses a very serious threat to the health of all people and it is not over yet even though it is receding in Iceland. At a press conference on April 14th the government introduced steps to lift the restrictions. One of these steps is the restriction of max 2000 people at public gatherings that will be in place at least till the end of August. That makes it impossible to hold an event as big as our Landsmót.

Our guests that have already purchased a ticket will receive an email from the ticket sale Tix, and all information regarding refunds will be accessible on www.landsmot.is. Ticket holders have three choices; a) get a refund, b) have their ticket validated for the 2022 event or c) simply become a sponsor. All the bookings on camping spaces will be refunded. Please send all enquires regarding the event to landsmot@landsmot.is and tickets to info@tix.is.

We must stay strong to ensure us all good health and keep in mind that there are surely better days ahead. All the associations involved in this dramatic and hard decision send their best wishes for a happy summer and please follow the given instructions regarding the COVID-19 epidemic in your country. Stay safe.