Adventures ahead! The Icelandic horse community joins hands and honors the Icelandic horse all over the world on the 1st of May. Horse owners are encouraged to open their stables and invite friends and family to visit to get to know these unique friends of ours and experience the bliss that comes with horsemanship.

Share your experience with us! We like to see your photos or videos and especially the connection between man, horse and nature. By using the hashtags #horsesoficeland and #dayoftheicelandichorse on social media, you take an active part in spreading the joy and beauty of our relationship with the horse.

We encourage fans of the Icelandic horse to go out into nature, have a good time with the horse and friends and film it. The owner of the best film / video will win a plane ticket with Icelandair worth ISK 70,000 and a ticket to Landsmót in Hella this summer!

Have fun on May 1st!


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