For a special episode of RFD TV’s Gentle Giants, broadcast in March, hosts Pam Minick and Kadee Coffman travelled to Iceland to learn more about the Icelandic horse.
American television programme Gentle Giants highlights the world of draft horses. For a special episode, the programme’s hosts Pam Minick and Kadee Coffman, travelled to Iceland to meet the Icelandic horse and learn more about the breed.
Minick, who is also a producer of the show, reasons that even though the Icelandic horse is significantly smaller than the show’s usual stars (primarily we Clydesdales, Percherons, and Belgians, etc.), the breed is so hearty and often used for pulling carts and wagons, so technically it is also a draft horse. She explains that she also wanted to explore her own roots as her grandparents came from Iceland.
The 20-minute episode features an interview with Horses of Iceland project manager Jelena Ohm, who discusses the qualities of the Icelandic horse and Iceland’s ambitious equine science programme at Hólar University College. Minick and Coffman also visit Eldhestar to learn more about horse tours and a horse centre outside Reykjavík where horses are being prepared for competition. 
Gentle Giants is the number 1 rated equine show on RFD TV, with average viewers of 250,000 per week.
Watch the programme here.