The KS Champions league is a series of 6 tournaments where there is competed in 8 disciplines in Icelandic equestrian sports from March to May 2022. The goal of the league is to increase interest in equestrian sports and the competitors are a selection of the best equestrian athletes in Iceland. The competition takes place in Svaðastaðahöllinn in Sauðárkrókur North Iceland.

The league was established in 2008 under the name KS League but in 2017 a new board took over and the League has been called the KS Champions League since then.

'What makes the KS Equestrian Championship different from many other equestrian tournaments and probably a more desirable option for the public and the media to watch is that the league spans a long period, just over 3 months where there is good time between tournaments that give the media and those who watch the Champions League scope for discussion and prophecy about developments. The tournaments take place at times that give them undivided attention and are short and spectator-friendly, each tournament takes one evening apart from the final tournament that takes place outdoors,' says Unnur Rún Sigurpálsdóttir, chairman of the KS Champions League.

The KS Champions League is an individual and team competition where there are eight teams, and each team consists of five riders and three riders compete in each discipline. However, in each season a team can invite one rider as third rider from outside the team to compete in one event. This rider is called a secret guest. The training master and riding instructor Mette Moe Mannseth has won the individual competition of the division for the last two years and in 2021 the Íbishóll team won the team competition.

'This year there we present changes, that is two disciplines will be added, which is the PP1 Pace test and the 150 m pace. This is a rather big change, and we realize that it can be challenging for a team to add two disciplines of the same gait, but we believe this is one of the ways to increase interest in pace here in the North along with the pace competitions that have been held here before' explains Unnur.

The KS Champions League made an agreement with Alendis for the season to show live from all the league tournaments.

The first tournament in the KS Champions League will be held on Wednesday 2 March and there will be competed in gæðingafimi, 3rd level. The idea behind gæðingafimi is to show well-trained gæðingar in an artistic way, where all training levels are shown. Rider intertwines gaits and exercises and shows in one whole the balance, training, strength, and dexterity of the horse.

The second tournament of the league will take place on March 11th and then there will be competed in fourgait, March 30th in loose rein tölt, April 13th fivegait, April 30th 150m pace and pace test and May 6th in tölt and flying pace.

The spectator stands in Svaðastaðahöll will be open as long as space allows and for those who do not have access to home, will show live from all the tournaments in the division.


Text: Hilda Karen Garðarsdóttir
Pictures: The KS Champions League



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