own education system

There are multiple options of vocational training within the Icelandic horse world. Many countries have their own education system, usually run by the national Icelandic horse organisation which provides courses and seminars, often interlinking, and cooperating with each other.

education for horse professionals 

Iceland offers a university programme in Equine Science, a unique high-standard Bachelor degree, incorporating extensive practical teaching experience. Hólaskóli, the Equine University of Iceland, receives students from multiple countries every year, who often go back to their home countries where they work with teaching and training horses. Usually 30% of the students at Hólaskóli are from abroad, so the university educates Icelandic horse professionals from all over the world. The government-funded university has for serveral decades been the driving force for educating horse professionals in Iceland, along with the Trainers Association (FT).

popular equine programs 

In recent years, several junior colleges offer popular equine programmes as part of the school curriculum, making this wonderful sport and lifestyle more available to everyone.

Various courses and seminars are also offered throughout the year, some organised by official organisations or schools, some by private individuals. Generally, Icelandic horse riders are quite keen on expanding their skills and knowledge and many recreational riders attend various courses and seminars each year, making an effort to become better riders and improving their horses.

In addition to this, hundreds of children in Iceland spend their summers at riding camp or take riding courses.

Educational institutions and organizations:

The Swedish Icelandic Horse Association
United States Icelandic Horse Congress (USIHC)
MAST - Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority