around the world

The international umbrella organisation for the Icelandic horse is called FEIF (Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations) representing Icelandic horse associations from 23 countries in Europe, North America and Australia and New Zealand.

a single set of rules

 FEIF hosts meetings where important issues concerning the international Icelandic horse community are discussed and decisions are made. This includes rules and regulations for competitions, guidelines for judges, education, youth work, and much more. Within the FEIF countries there is a single set of rules for breeding and competition, which is quite unique in the horse world in general.

database on over 400,000 horses

World Fengur is the original lineage register (official studbook) for the Icelandic horse. It gathers information on Icelandic horses in FEIF member countries, and makes it available online. World Fengur contains details on all registered Icelandic horses in the world. In World Fengur, anything from a list of offspring and their owners, to competition results, photos and breeding value prediction (BLUP) can be found. Virtual pairing can be made, checking out the options of various colours, possible breeding value in different traits etc. Only proven pure-bred Icelandic horses can be registered in World Fengur and it currently hosts information on over 400,000 horses.